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Welcome to the Snitches Web Site

The sole purpose of this WebSite is to provide you with information on snitches in your area!


Have you conducted a friendship or buisness relationship with a person and later been snitched on by them?  This web site's misson is to be able to help you not to come in contact with those people. 

"Snitches" investigates how a fundamental shift in the country's anti-drug laws, including federal mandatory minimum sentencing and conspiracy provisions has become a culture of snitching that is in many cases rewarding the guiltiest and punishing the less guilty.

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Upon finishing construction of this site a link will be provided for an actual testimony of the snitches listed!

Due to the high volume of snitches in your area, it will take 24-48 hours to post the names of the recent snitches



Keeping Your Cool

It is really hard to remain calm after being snitched on by someone whom youve trusted.  Most of the time snitches just lie to authorties to keep their own ass out of trouble.  They will even free case you to try to get out of trouble.

What to do if you have allready been snitched on

I am sorry there is nothing you really can do once its to late, except for take action.  Always remember to keep your mouth shut, you can use the first miranda right that is read to you once you've been arrested.



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This Web Site is under huge construction

 This website is for the sole purpose of public information and is not intended to offend anyone in anyway.  The Web Site strongly advises against and prohibits you to cause any harm to anyone who is named on this site, the names are for purpose of providing you with accurate information so you do not come in contact with these people who are known snitches.

Did you know that 99% of the time snitches go to jail too

When you snitch you are only admiting guilt on yourself !

Some Lawyers wont even represent a snitch